First blog post

The first post is supposed to be epic.  Well…my brain is exhausted from all the work I’ve done for the last few days.  The site is looking pretty good.  I’m very excited to write about what it’s all about for me, and for others I’m sure.

I will let you in on a little secret, tomorrow is cheesecake day!  Woohoo….the crowd goes wild!  Stay tuned.

Welcome to Sweet Sarah’s Kitchen!

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  1. Shelly McGilvra says:

    I’m excited to keep reading Sarah!

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    1. sjsweets says:

      I’m so excited to see that one of my favorite people, was the first to comment. Thank you Shelly!


  2. Donna Bowers says:

    Love the new layout. Congrats! But where is the Kale recipe picture to go with the recipe? 🙂


    1. sjsweets says:

      Hey Donna, thank you. There were some technical issues yesterday, and I couldn’t upload one. I will be uploading one by this afternoon, as they issue has been resolved. They were amazing!


    2. sjsweets says:

      Please check out the change to the “Kale to the Chef” recipe.


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