Kale to the Chef

Finished Kale photo

I feel the best recipes come from a whim.  My brain works like the Matrix when it comes to food.  I never see the same thing twice, it’s like a constant ever changing of ingredients. 

Lets talk a wee bit about kale.  “Oh no, not another healthy kale junky!”  No worries, this is not a health plug. (Eat kale, eat kale, eat kale)  I love kale, plain and simple.  I do also eat kale because of it’s high alkaline content and my autoimmune condition.  (Take that Big Pharma)  It took me quite some time to get used to kale.  I must say this, for if you like or love broccoli, you can like and love kale. Today’s recipe is so simple and flavorful.  It’s as if your cousin kale came by the broccoli household and tried to convince you that it’s your long lost relative, twice removed.  *Full recipe instructions to follow*


kale-2 cups chopped or pulled to one inch pieces

1- teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes

1/2-tablespoon of unsalted butter

3 cups of water

Add water to a small two-quart sauce pan, add red pepper flakes and bring to a small boil.  Once small bubbles appear, and water has changed color, add kale and stir.  Bring to full boil, add the butter and reduce heat to medium and boil for approximately 5 minutes.  Once kale has come to a nice brighter yet darker green, remove from heat.  Strain out contents into a small glass bowl or large glass measuring cup.  *save liquid*  Some red pepper flakes will remain with the kale, and trust me, that’s a good thing.  This is not a spicy dish.  Heating up the flakes in the water and boiling, reduces the heat content, but the flavor is amazing.  Plate the kale, sea salt and pepper to taste and presto chango, you have an awesome kale side that becomes broccoli’s more mature superior, yet delicate to the palate.  Not soggy and super delicious.

As for the reserved liquid.  Seal in an air tight container once cooled and refrigerate.  This liquid is full of nutrients as well as flavor.  Use this for stock, to make stove top sauces, add to rice dishes, and if there’s enough liquid from a double batch, use for boiling pasta.

I am a whole foods maker and baker.  Use all the ingredients from top to bottom, more bang for your buck, waste not want not.  You know the phrases, start using them!

ingredients for kale to the chef recipe

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  1. sjsweets says:

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    Alkaline is great for your body. Kale is a very good source of alkaline. Oh, and did I mention that this recipe is absolutely delicious!


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