Kale to the Chef


Alkaline is great for your body. Kale is a very good source of alkaline. Oh, and did I mention that this recipe is absolutely delicious!

Sweet Sarah's Kitchen

Finished Kale photoI feel the best recipes come from a whim.  My brain works like the Matrix when it comes to food.  I never see the same thing twice, it’s like a constant ever changing of ingredients. 

Lets talk a wee bit about kale.  “Oh no, not another healthy kale junky!”  No worries, this is not a health plug. (Eat kale, eat kale, eat kale)  I love kale, plain and simple.  I do also eat kale because of it’s high alkaline content and my autoimmune condition.  (Take that Big Pharma)  It took me quite some time to get used to kale.  I must say this, for if you like or love broccoli, you can like and love kale. Today’s recipe is so simple and flavorful.  It’s as if your cousin kale came by the broccoli household and tried to convince you that it’s your long lost relative, twice removed.  *Full…

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