Miso Happy Chicken


Finished Miso Chicken

Being in love with food, it’s never complicated.  The hardest decision I make is how much to eat.  My love for poultry has surpassed most foods for me personally.  I haven’t met a chicken I didn’t like.  I read a lot of recipes, and I don’t think any chicken dish such as this one from Food52, has drawn me in so much.  Being intrigued would be an understatement.

This dish is so simple and so flavorful, that it melts the core when devoured.  And you will devour it! *carnivore scene from Jurassic Park movies*

Anytime I can work with worldly flavors, like Miso in this case, I get a little giddy.  Japanese cuisine is one of my loves.  The combination of spices that make miso, is very robust, earthy and herbaceous in smell and taste.  It’s good for the soul food.  Miso is known to most as a soup base, but it is sooo much more! 

smoothed butter for Miso Chicken  Softened butter, the massage oil of the chicken Gods.

Miso and butter in bowl  Adding the red miso; there are preferences to choose from.  Red miso is stronger in flavor than the white miso.  Both are very delicious.

Miso slather in a bowl  Now a little liquid gold, aka, honey.  Oh the sweet bee is a delicious sweet maker.

Now lets get into the fact that the chicken involved, is about to get the massage of its life.  I’m not a huge fan of skin on, bone in chicken.  This recipe pushed me out of my comfort zone, but into a world of wonderment.  The simplicity of this dish cannot be stressed enough.  The miso honey butter mixture comes together so well.  The aroma is amazing. 

The chicken I used is a quarter chicken; leg and thigh, as they fit perfectly into my large cast iron skillet.  Once you have placed the chicken in the pan/dish, and put the miso mixture under the skin, the rub begins.  Afterwards you place garlic cloves throughout the dish, wedged in place to roast along side it’s dinner date.  *They both get garlic, so there could be a kiss in the end*

garlic cloves for Miso Chicken

Of all the kitchens, in all the towns, this chicken walked into mine.  The aroma slowly intensifies, and throughout the house the smell is intoxicating.  Mouths began to water, stomachs began to growl and then the magical sound of the timer going off.  I’m pretty sure I ran into the kitchen. *a little cardio before indulging*

Behold, the Miso Honey Roasted ChickenFinished Miso Chicken

What’s more amazing than the overwhelming joy brought to my taste buds, is the fact that for all the ingredients, this chicken dish cost less than $10.  Add some veggies and or some rice sides, and you are looking at a dinner for four, under $15. 

For more information, including the full recipe, please visit http://www.food52.com


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