Miso Happy Chicken


Need a dinner idea? We may be able to help. Miso Happy Chicken is so delicious!

Sweet Sarah's Kitchen

Finished Miso ChickenBeing in love with food, it’s never complicated.  The hardest decision I make is how much to eat.  My love for poultry has surpassed most foods for me personally.  I haven’t met a chicken I didn’t like.  I read a lot of recipes, and I don’t think any chicken dish such as this one from Food52, has drawn me in so much.  Being intrigued would be an understatement.

This dish is so simple and so flavorful, that it melts the core when devoured.  And you will devour it! *carnivore scene from Jurassic Park movies*

Anytime I can work with worldly flavors, like Miso in this case, I get a little giddy.  Japanese cuisine is one of my loves.  The combination of spices that make miso, is very robust, earthy and herbaceous in smell and taste.  It’s good for the soul food.  Miso is known to most as a soup base…

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