Bread For America


Banana Bread slices

During the holidays we attend many parties.  These parties are full of glorious food from family recipes, Pinterest, and even the store next door.  There are some treats that you only see once a year like pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and banana bread.  Quick breads are a “quick” and easy delight to bring to a party.  With so many options and combinations to choose from, you can’t go wrong. *No more fruit cake loaves, just stop*

The most frequent flyer of the quick bread family is the Banana Bread.  Being one of my favorite breads, this bread has been around since the 1930’s.  We have the Royal company to thank for this.  Royal began selling their baking powders and baking soda during the Great Depression.  As anyone who’s studied history or listened to the stories from family members who went through it, they threw nothing away, including rotting bananas. *So began the fruit fly revolution*

Banana Bread Bananas

People began to scramble around, trying to come up with a recipe to use the rotting bananas so they didn’t go to waste.  Thus becoming one of the greatest fruit breads of all time.  Nine decades in the making, the variety of banana bread recipes could circle the earth a few million times I’m sure.  I had the greatest pleasure of consuming one of the best banana breads ever, bias by all means.  *Heirloom food, thank you Ola*

My Great Grandmother Ola Dobbins-Inscho, made in my opinion, the best bread ever.  I have tweaked this recipe over the years, yet never altering her ingredients.  Adding a little olive oil love to bring out the banana flavor was a great decision on my part.  It’s only made me love the bread even more.  A frequent staple in our house, banana bread is made at least once a month.  It’s rich banana flavor and cake like texture, convinces the brain that you’re eating a vibrant dessert, not a loaf of quick bread.  *Quick as in it disappears fast*

Banana Bread Loaf 1The crack in the center is my favorite food visual when making bread.

Most households have bananas.  We’ve all had that moment when you notice the bananas are turning, and you instantly think *I’m going to have to make bread with those*.

Who knew something rotten could be used for something so good.  The ultimate question, butter or not to butter.  Either way, it’s definitely a slice of Heaven in this house.

Banana Bread slice bite


*Recipe not available until cookbook release*

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