Cream of the Carrot Crop


It’s no secret that I love food.  What you may not know, is my obsession with eating vegetables in non-traditional ways.  I prefer mashed beets and carrots, to mashed potatoes.  Don’t get me wrong, mashed potatoes are still raining high on my comfort food-o-meter.  But one day in particular, entering one of my frequently visited eateries, I was confronted with what I can only say, is the BEST Cream of Carrot soup I’ve ever tasted.

When you travel, you find some of the most amazing places to eat.  I think that’s what makes the travel worth while. *Ooh, a giant ball of yarnYears back I discovered this quaint cafe, that appeared historical in its setting.  I was unaware of the magic I was about to endure, at the “Old World Cafe”. 

Opened in 2002, owners Chris and Jennifer Herman, took their love of food and created a cafe that warms the heart. This unique place drew me in, for its name matched its surroundings.  From the elegant decor in the windows, to the unique seating outside.  The exterior surrounded in brick and iron, it’s quite mesmerizing.  Upon entering it was like stepping backwards in time.  The antique feel of the front dining area is warm and visually gorgeous.  As I glanced up I noticed that there appeared to be an old ice cream counter, with a chalk board of flavors.  I continued on in amazement of the counter full of nostalgic candies; pixie sticks, licorice, bubble gums, and so on and so on. 

I then entered the back of the cafe, in wonderment I see the chalkboard wall of food to my right.  My mouth began to water.  To my left, a dessert style glass counter, full of assorted cheeses, and an assortment of homemade pies and cakes.  I knew from this point on, I had gone to food Heaven.  If it’s homemade, I will move in. *Pillow and a blanket please*

I began to frequent this establishment for its amazing soups, and don’t get me started on the combination of sandwiches and gourmet salads they offer.  Once you’ve consumed your meal, satisfaction is at hand.  Just when you thought you could not be in love anymore, BAM, Cream of Carrot Soup!                            *Channeling Emeril Lagasse*

Cream of Carrot soup distance shot

My love of carrots in all forms, began with the garden.  I loved walking through my grandparents garden and seeing what I could sneak into my mouth.  Between carrots and green beans, I walked around looking like a chipmunk storing up for Winter.  I’d hear my grandfather yell from the house, “get out of there”.  When I looked in his direction, you could see he was smiling and laughing.  As I thought I couldn’t get caught, he also knew I was going to do it anyway.  It was our thing! 

My first carrot I had, besides from the raw pick, was in my grandmother’s pot roast.  Which I am still convinced she invented, and made the best ever.  One of the best memories of food I have, is the process of putting it together, and of course the smell.  That aroma could bring people across the fields it was so good.

Carrots have made their way across every Crudites platter I’ve ever had the opportunity to snack from.  Still, the idea of carrots being heated in any manner, makes the salivary glands run a muck. From roasted carrots, to glazed carrots, and of course mashed carrots, you can do so much.  Including, Cream of Carrot Soup.

Cream of Carrot Soup with elegant onions

The carrot flavor in this soup was unbelievable.  The texture, smooth and creamy.  A combination of savory from the base ingredients, to the sweetness of the carrot.  It was truly love at first sight.  I loved it so much, I returned the very next day to have it again, and this time, I’m sharing it with you.  *The story, get your own bowl*

I have had many cream soups, including carrot.  Beyond the soup being delicious, the fact that it was garnished with caramelized onions and scallion greens; the words almost cannot be found.  I do hope you all get the chance in your future, to try this amazing soup.  I do not know all of the ingredients, as a recipe writer myself, some secrets are best kept to home.  I guarantee you this, the soups they make are amazing.  You will not be disappointed.  So do stop by and say hello to Chris and Jen, and their amazing staff,  who have taken this beautiful establishment, and made a home you can relate to.

*What appeared to be an ice cream parlor, is.  Dessert is only a scoop away!*

Old World Cafe and Ice Cream                                                                                                     West Market Street & Centerway                                                                                         Corning, NY 14830

For more information you can visit their website and Facebook page at

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  1. Barbara says:

    Love the Old World Cafe, especially their shrimp salad!


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