“It was the Chef, with the Cookie, in the Coat Closet”


Chocolate Overload Cookie pile

I started out this day, remembering when I used to play the game of CLUE.  What a fun game of twists and turns, and my favorite, the who-done-it!  Well it’s not a mystery about the world’s most popular indulgence, and that’s chocolate!  The variety in which we can consume this magnificent plant-based ingredient is astounding.  Daily I see new recipes involving the masterful cacao bean.  The process in which chocolate is actually made is an amazing miracle in itself; somewhere between the dawn of mankind and how the Kardashian’s became famous.  *If you have not witnessed this miracle, You Tube it*

cacao beans raw

Who knew something so tiny, could create something so wonderful!  As you know, I love the history of where all our food begins.  Today is no exception, but today, we are moving right on to the meat of the operation.  I can’t cookie enough! 

Cookies make the world go round.  It’s the most convenient treat there is!  The amount of variations one can do with cookies is out of this world.  Seriously!  I believe if Martians had cookies on their planet, they probably invented the moon pie.  *Daydreaming about moon pies now*………Okay where was I?  Oh yes, cookies.  I love cookies, as anyone can see from my previous blogs.  In this instance, I was craving chocolate so badly, that I almost applied for a job at Hershey.  Then it hit me, that about once a year, I get to indulge in the chocolate crinkle cookie during the holidays.  That’s it???  Only once?  Yes, and that’s not right.  So, I have taken to the kitchen and whipped up some classic cookie dough, but this time decided that I needed to go over to the dark side on this one.  *Professor Plum wouldn’t agree that darker is better*(Insert English accent)

I keep a couple of containers of Special Dark unsweetened cocoa powder on hand for such emergencies.  This dark chocolate cookie dough is so decadent.  The smell, the texture, it was revolutionary.  Okay, maybe not that far, but like I said before, I was having an earth chattering chocolate craving.  Once they were in the oven, my mouth began to water from the smell.  Surprisingly I did not eat the dough.  I call it quantity control, others call it pure insanity.  Tomato, Tamotto!

Now some may wonder what kind of chocolate chip I added, “Thanks for asking”.  I used the traditional semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Dark chocolate is rich, not so sweet.  The semi-sweet chocolate chips add balance to this fudgy delight.

Chocolate Overload Cookie Final

Usually I wait the proper timing before I crack a cookie open….in this instance, I was close enough.  *I knew children would be coming home from camp soon, and I’d better get these treats out of sight.*  It split in half like I hoped it would.  The aroma was blissfully indulgent.  One bite and I was fully committed to the dark side.  There is no going back after this.  I even thought to myself, “Self, do you even need chocolate chips in this?”  Myself agreed.  *Glad we can have these talks*

A cookie that is super easy to make, so fudgy, as if a cookie and a brownie lived Happily Ever After with little baby chips running around.  This delicious cookie made me think of an ice cream I once consumed, “Death By Chocolate”.  What a funny name for ice cream.  I totally get it!  This cookie made me lose my bearings. *Like Miss Scarlett in a red dress, I twirled around in the kitchen in blissful wonderment.*  I truly don’t remember how I got back to the living room without knocking into someone or something.  This cookie is one of those treats you sneak into the closet to consume so no one will see.  If I’d done this, I’d have fallen asleep in the closet instead of on my comfy couch.  I could see now how that much chocolate flavor altered my mental status.  Like in the game of CLUE, I’d be guilty of causing someone’s body to be found in the coat closet.  Okay, that’s just the chocolate euphoria talking.  

“Life is short, indulge a little”

*Recipe not available until cookbook release*



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